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China and the world famous diamond and diamond products business directory

In the rivers and lakes of synthetic diamonds, there is such a legendary saying: World Diamonds look at China, China Diamonds look at Henan! China’s synthetic diamond industry has experienced rapid development for more than 50 years. Its output accounts for 90% of the world’s total output. It is the first in the world. Many products have long enjoyed a good reputation and are exported overseas. This is an exciting event.


Problems and deficiencies in the development of diamond tools

Diamond tools mainly include grinding tools, cutting tools, drilling tools, dressing tools, etc., which are widely used in geological exploration, stone, mechanical bearings, semiconductors, sapphire, composite materials, automotive and defense industries. At present, China’s diamond tools have formed a series of products, the specifications are relatively complete, a few products have certain competitiveness in the international market, most of the product performance and cost performance need to be improved, and the competitiveness is low. (more…)

Looking at the development of diamond wire tools from electroplated diamond tools

The electroplated diamond wire is mainly used for the opening and slicing of photovoltaic grade silicon wafers. It belongs to diamond sawing products and is also an electroplated diamond tool. Similar sawing tools as the diamond wire are diamond wire saws and diamond wire saws. For example, the diamond wire saw is also coated with diamond abrasive grains on the surface of the steel wire. It is generally used for manual reciprocating drawing of the inner hole surface of jade, agate and crystal crafts. It can also be used for reciprocating motion on a table saw machine for curves, It can be cut straight, and it can be wound around two winches like a diamond wire saw, and it can be used for cutting work after being tensioned. (more…)

India Diamond Tools Industry Market Analysis Report (Part 2)

Continued from the previous article


Indian stone is currently divided into two regions, the north and the south, and the southern region is dominated by Bangalore, Madurai, Hyderabad and surrounding cities. The stone is generally soft, and representative is Tan palm (British brown) (medium hard) and black sands. (soft); the northern region is centered on Rajasthan, including Jalor, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Rajastama, Jishanggar and Kota. There are many types of stone, including marble. , granite, sandstone and limestone. The hardness of the stone is also hard and soft, and the requirements of the diamond tool are also high. Here is an example of the northern part of India:


India Diamond Tools Industry Market Analysis Report(Part 1)

First let’s look at two sets of official Indian data:
On June 8, 2017, the Hindustan Times reported that Prime Minister Modi announced on the 7th that India’s receipt of foreign direct investment (FDI) increased from approximately $34.5 billion in 2013 to $61.7 billion. (more…)

Method for improving the bonding force between diamond and carcass in diamond tools

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Due to its high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and low linear expansion coefficient, diamond tools are suitable for processing hard and brittle hard-to-machine materials such as cemented carbide, optical glass and advanced ceramics. Materials such as stone, semiconductor, ferrite and boron carbide and corundum sintered body are widely used in industrial fields such as machinery, electronics, construction, drilling, medical optical glass processing. However, there are still problems in the use of diamond tools, which are manifested in the fact that the diamond particles are easily detached during work, which reduces the service life and performance level of the diamond tools. According to reports, the utilization rate of diamond in the majority of the diamond tools is only about 60%. (more…)

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The development status of China’s four major diamond tool research centers!

With the continuous development of the diamond tool industry, at present, four diamond tool R&D and manufacturing centers have been formed in China, which are located in Ezhou in Hubei, Quanzhou in Fujian, Zhenjiang in Jiangsu, and Shijiazhuang in Hebei. They drive the development of China’s diamond tool industry, and the quality and quantity of diamond tool products continue to increase, forming a regional distribution center.

1:the first town of China’s diamond cutters – Yanji Town, Ezhou, Hubei

Yanji Town,E Zhou,Hu Bei