Do you really know anything about diamond saw blade?

By | 04/08/2019

Diamond cutting saw is a cutting tool, widely used in stone, concrete, precast board, new and old road, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials processing. The diamond cutting sheet is mainly composed of two parts. Base and cutter head. Matrix is main support part of the binding cutter, cutting and cutting head is in use process, will consume but constantly in use of the cutting tools, the substrate is not, can cut the role because of the cutting tools with diamond, diamond, as the most hard material, it is friction in the cutter for cutting the processing object. Diamond particles are encased in metal inside the tool head.

Diamond cutting saw blade manufacturing process
1. Sintered diamond cutting saw blade: cold pressing and hot pressing are divided into two types, which are pressed and sintered.
2. Welding diamond cutting saw blade: high-frequency welding and laser welding can be divided into two types. High-frequency welding can be used to weld the tool head with the substrate through high-temperature melting medium, while laser welding can be used to melt the tool head with the substrate contact edge to form metallurgical combination.
3. Electroplated diamond cutting saw blade: the knife head powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating.


Diamond slice saw blade
1, continuous edge saw blade: continuous saw saw diamond cutting blade, generally made by sintering method, commonly used bronze binder as the basic matrix material, cutting must add water to ensure the cutting effect, and use laser to cut the blade head gap type.
2, the blade cutting saw blade: cut off the serrated, fast cutting speed, suitable for dry, wet cutting methods.
3. Turbine cutting blade: combined with the advantages of the first two items, the serrated blade continuously presents uniform convex and concave turbine shape, which improves the cutting speed and increases the service life.

Different kinds of diamond saw blades are selected for different materials, and different powder formulations are suitable for the characteristics of different materials, which will directly affect the quality, effect, qualified rate and cost and benefit of the material products.
The factors that affect the efficiency and life of diamond circular saw blade include sawing process parameters, diamond particle size, concentration, binder hardness, etc. According to the number of cutting energy saw blade speed, saw cutting concentration and feed speed.



1. Suitable for cutting terrazzo marble.

2. Cutting of cement pavement, hard refractory and non-metallic materials.

3. Grooving for roads, Bridges and rivers.

4. Road carving pattern on road surface and bridge surface.

5. Widely used in municipal construction, road reconstruction, airport runway construction, concrete pavement and other construction sites, especially suitable for asphalt and concrete pavement cutting and other professional cutting operations


Cutting parameters
In practice, the linear speed of diamond circular saw blade is limited by the equipment condition, the quality of saw blade and the character of cut stone. The linear speed of saw blade should be selected according to the properties of different stone materials in terms of the best service life and cutting efficiency of saw blade. When sawing granite, the blade speed can be selected in the range of 25m~35m/s. For granite which has high quartz content and is difficult to cut, it is advisable to take the lower limit of saw blade linear speed. In the production of granite facing brick, the diamond circular saw blade is small in diameter and the linear speed can reach 35m/s.


Feed rate of diamond cutter

Feed speed is sawing stone feed speed. Its size affects the sawing rate, blade stress and heat dissipation in the sawing area. Its value should be selected according to the nature of sawn stone. Generally speaking, sawing soft stone, such as marble, can be appropriately increased feed speed, if the feed speed is too low, more conducive to improve the sawing rate. Sawing fine granitic and homogeneous granite can increase the feed speed appropriately. If the feed speed is too low, the diamond blade is easy to be polished. However, when sawing granite with coarse grain structure and uneven hardness, the cutting speed should be reduced, otherwise the blade vibration will lead to diamond fragmentation and reduce the cutting rate. The feeding speed of sawing granite is generally selected in the range of 9m~12m/min.


Classification of tools
(1) abrasives — including consolidation abrasives, coated abrasives and loose abrasives, such as grinding wheels, tiles, honing stones, shaped grinding heads, diamond abrasive belts, fine grinding pellets, grinding paste, etc.
(2) sawing tools — divided into two categories: first, circular data, band saws, row saws and rope saws for sawing granite, marble and concrete; Another kind is cutting metal and semiconductor material inside circular cutting sheet and outside circular cutting sheet.
(3) drilling tools — drill bits, reamer, and casing for construction projects used for exploration and opening in geological, petroleum, coal, metallurgical and other sectors.
(4) cutting cutters-turning, boring and milling cutters made of diamond polycrystalline composite sheet or large natural single crystal are used for fine processing of non-ferrous metal parts in automobiles, aircraft and precision machinery and non-metallic materials such as plastics and ceramics.
(5) finishing tool — shaping finishing roller, correcting pen and finishing block.
(6) wire drawing die — wire drawing die made of diamond polycrystal, wire drawing, filament drawing, screen wire drawing and other metal wire.
(7) other tools — marking knife, glass knife, carving knife, set knife, assorted file, measuring head, bearing, stylus, diamond scalpel, etc.
(8) special instrument components — hardness measuring head, surface roughness measuring head, high-pressure cavity anvil, nozzle of internal combustion engine, high-power transistor, infrared window, microwave instrument, laser, diamond heat dissipation element in large-scale integrated circuit, resistance thermometer, etc.

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