Problems and deficiencies in the development of diamond tools

By | 10/06/2019

Diamond tools mainly include grinding tools, cutting tools, drilling tools, dressing tools, etc., which are widely used in geological exploration, stone, mechanical bearings, semiconductors, sapphire, composite materials, automotive and defense industries. At present, China’s diamond tools have formed a series of products, the specifications are relatively complete, a few products have certain competitiveness in the international market, most of the product performance and cost performance need to be improved, and the competitiveness is low.

At this stage, major diamond tool export bases such as the Beijing area, Shijiazhuang area, Danyang-based Yangtze River Delta, Fujian Shuitou, Xiamen, Shandong coastal areas, Guangdong Foshan-based Pearl River Delta region have been formed in the country; Diamond tools in the Central Plains area centered on Zhengzhou and Hubei Ezhou area are also developing rapidly.

(1) The independent innovation ability of production enterprises is not strong

The specific situation of the industry is: benchmarking enterprises that focus on independent innovation can develop some international high-end products, but the output is not large enough to meet the domestic and international market demand. These companies are limited in number and can represent the highest level in the country, but it is difficult to represent the overall level of the industry. Most companies have problems with quality and efficiency, rising production and operating costs and insufficient innovation capabilities. Some enterprises have more arduous tasks of “de-capacity”, and the backward production capacity has not been eliminated on a large scale. The development of diamond tool manufacturers is difficult to meet the diversified needs of domestic and foreign markets. At present, many high-end products used in emerging industries need to be vigorously developed to further expand the application of various types of super-hard materials, which is a big test for the company’s research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities.


(2) Production technology needs to be further improved, taking the road of specialization

Most diamond companies were unable to complete technical updates in time due to funding problems, and failed to purchase new equipment. If you want to develop a first-class product, it is very difficult to complete without advanced technology and equipment. The testing of raw materials and the strict control of the production process still need to be continuously improved. As we all know, the profit of general-purpose products is low, and the profit of special-purpose products is high. In order to make special products and realize personalized and customized services, we must be familiar with the user’s production process and become a guiding expert of the application. This is not a general enterprise or a single team. Can be achieved quickly. Although the degree of product specialization in China has increased in recent years, the task is still very heavy, which is the only way for the industry to transform and upgrade its products.


(3) Improve product quality standards, especially improve inspection and testing capabilities

Since 1973, the diamond industry has started standard research and proposed a draft. In 1979, the first industry standard “synthetic diamond” was born, which opened the prelude to the industry product standard revision. After more than 30 years of development, the current national and industry standards for superhard materials and their products in China have reached 41, which has played a huge role in regulating industry products and promoting the development of the industry. However, with the development of China’s industrialization, the super-hard materials industry continues to advance, the application fields of super-hard materials are expanding, and the specifications of super-hard materials are increasing. Many products have no standards to follow, and many manufacturers in China directly lead to The specifications of commercially available products are confusing, and the versatility of products of different manufacturers is poor. In addition, with the increasing variety of diamond products, we put forward higher requirements for our inspection and testing capabilities. Hubei Province has established a national diamond tool quality supervision and inspection center to gradually fill the gap in the domestic authority diamond testing.


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