The development status of China’s four major diamond tool research centers!

By | 30/05/2019

With the continuous development of the diamond tool industry, at present, four diamond tool R&D and manufacturing centers have been formed in China, which are located in Ezhou in Hubei, Quanzhou in Fujian, Zhenjiang in Jiangsu, and Shijiazhuang in Hebei. They drive the development of China’s diamond tool industry, and the quality and quantity of diamond tool products continue to increase, forming a regional distribution center.

1:the first town of China’s diamond cutters – Yanji Town, Ezhou, Hubei

Yanji Town,E Zhou,Hu Bei

In the past 30 years of development, the diamond cutters of Yanzhou Town in Ezhou have turned from prosperous. With the guidance of the relevant departments of Ezhou Municipal Government and the hard work of entrepreneurs, the diamond cutter industry in Yanji Town, which has been dying for ten years, is slow. Slowly grow up.

In recent years, Yanji people who have mastered many tool core production technologies have begun to invest and set up factories across the country, forming three “Yanji Tool Towns” in stone production bases such as Shandong Laizhou, Fujian Shuitou and Guangdong Yunfu. Experts in the industry said that the diamond tools in Yanji Town are now at the forefront of international cutting tools. Yanji tools have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Italy and Southeast Asia, and the export revenue has reached more than 10 million US dollars. In the future, Yanji Town enterprises will go deeper into the international market with the Yanji tool brand.

2:one of China’s diamond tool production bases – Quanzhou, Fujian

Quan Zhou,Fujian

As we all know, Fujian has the largest stone processing base in the country. It is precisely because of the prosperous development of the stone industry that it has driven the rapid development of related industry diamond tools. There are already more than 100 diamond tool companies’ production bases here, with relatively independent and complete industries. The chain has developed into one of the main production bases of domestic diamond tools.

However, the diamond enterprises here have always had a large brain drain, lack of innovative talents, slow technological innovation, small scale of production, and insufficient industrial base. These problems are the main reasons for restricting the development of the base industry.

3:the hometown of Chinese saw blades – Danyang, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province


Since the 1980s, Zhenjiang Danyang has been developing the hardware and tools export industry. The entire annual Danyang City has nearly 3 billion annual twist drills and more than 60 million diamond saw blades. It has become the largest diamond saw blade in Asia. , drill production base.

Tiangong Group and Feida Group, the leading enterprises in Danyang hardware tools industry, have strong strength and lead the steady development of the local hardware industry. However, there are still problems in the development of products with low technical content and weak profits.

4:The rapid development under the leadership of leading enterprises – Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Shi Jia Zhuang,He Bei

The diamond tools in Shijiazhuang City are mainly based on the domestic market, supplemented by foreign markets. The diamond tools exported are mainly saw blades. The products are mainly thin-walled drill bits, sintered grinding discs and small saw blades for architectural decoration. Boshen Tools Co., Ltd., Fu Shihua Yukai Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. and Xiaobe Tools Group Co., Ltd. have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.

According to the Superhard Materials Branch of the Machine Tool Industry Association, the capacity of Shijiazhuang diamond saw blades in foreign markets has reached 25 billion yuan. However, as far as the current market is concerned, the prospects for export of domestic diamond tools are still very broad.

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