The Particularity of CBN Grinding Wheel

By | 02/08/2019

CBN grinding wheel

CBN grinding wheel is a synthetic superhard material grinding wheel, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency and quality. At present, domestic grinding enterprises attach great importance to CBN grinding wheel, but some enterprise personnel do not understand CBN grinding wheel, so think that CBN grinding wheel can be installed directly on the grinding machine spindle like ordinary grinding wheel, in fact, this is a wrong idea.

This problem needs to be analyzed concretely. It can be understood theoretically as follows:
First, CBN grinding wheel matching special grinder and high speed spindle can achieve a good effect. The best number of grinding wheel runs is over 40000 RPM.

2. The high speed of grinding wheel will cause the vibration of the bed. The ordinary grinder bed has poor seismic performance under the condition of high speed. Vibration can cause many grinding defects.

Grinding is appropriate according to the situation:
Specifically based on their own conditions, it is also determined by the national conditions with Chinese characteristics, and it is also an excess.

At present, the emergence of many difficult-to-machine materials, facing grinders can not avoid processing these workpiece materials, which needs to overcome the common grinding wheel difficult to process. Some superhard Abrasives must be selected to overcome this problem.

Without changing the grinding equipment, only local materials are available. Conversion of superhard grinding wheels with less investment: diamond and CBN grinding wheels. This kind of grinding condition is not the best, but it can improve the grinding defects of ordinary grinding wheels of refractory materials. And it can partly improve the efficiency and the quality of grinding surface.


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