Problems and deficiencies in the development of diamond tools

Diamond tools mainly include grinding tools, cutting tools, drilling tools, dressing tools, etc., which are widely used in geological exploration, stone, mechanical bearings, semiconductors, sapphire, composite materials, automotive and defense industries. At present, China’s diamond tools have formed a series of products, the specifications are relatively complete, a few products have certain competitiveness in the… Read More »

India Diamond Tools Industry Market Analysis Report (Part 2)

Continued from the previous article Indian stone is currently divided into two regions, the north and the south, and the southern region is dominated by Bangalore, Madurai, Hyderabad and surrounding cities. The stone is generally soft, and representative is Tan palm (British brown) (medium hard) and black sands. (soft); the northern region is centered… Read More »

Method for improving the bonding force between diamond and carcass in diamond tools

0 Preface Due to its high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and low linear expansion coefficient, diamond tools are suitable for processing hard and brittle hard-to-machine materials such as cemented carbide, optical glass and advanced ceramics. Materials such as stone, semiconductor, ferrite and boron carbide and corundum sintered body are widely used in industrial… Read More »


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